TRIBUTE TO GUY is a hybrid art work as NFT and a NFT as an art work.
It poses the question of what is original, what is copy, what is the real image and what is the likeness of the real, in a metamodern way.
It is also a digital meditation on the dialectics of history, ideas, images and signs in the context of a spectacular economy.
TRIBUTE TO GUY, installation view, NEONREAL Gallery, Düsseldorf, 2023

Its a 3-step-drop of a NFT-Multiple, that consists of 3 individual but interconnected NFTs. Its a journey through different states of mind and the corresponding digital enhanced realities.

These are the drop-defined states of mind:

Step 1 – A PICTURE OF TRIBUTE TO GUY IRL – free claim for the open edition
Step 2 – A TRIBUTE TO GUY WTF?! – a limited edition
Step 3 – TRIBUTE TO GUY – 1of1

The journey clebrates the visionary mindset of the situationist artist and thinker Guy Debord. It is the first collaboration between Florian Kuhlmann and FLUX COLLECTIVE and started with an IRL installation in the NEONREAL Gallery in Düsseldorf in May 2023.

Guy Debord (left), Michèle Bernstein, and Asper Jorn. Founding members of the Situationist International, via

You can read more about the concept and background here on my project page and more about Guy Debord here.

The drop(s)

As already mentioned the drop consists of 3 steps, each step is marked with a single NFT, but each of them differ on aesthetics and availability.

– open edition + free claim

The first drop is an OPEN EDITION called A PICTURE OF TRIBUTE TO GUY IRL, this is a free claim running until end of June 2023. If you would like to join please do not hesitate to claim here. We want to give as much people as possible the chance to be able to participate on this project in various ways.

Nerdy note: It is important to understand that the text on the wall is merely a physical image of the digital original on the blockchain. Seen in this way, the work in space is a physical twin of the immaterial digital work of art.

– limited edition

The second drop is also an OPEN EDITION but not for free, its title is A TRIBUTE TO GUY WTF?!. We launched this sideproject to give a little bit more context to the unique piece in drop no 3.
A TRIBUTE TO GUY WTF?! is a webbased artwork made of pure HTML, CSS and Javascript now minted as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on the IPFS.
Drop no 2 and drop no 3 are connected.

Economically, both works are intertwined in a way that the price development of one piece influences the price of the other:

  1. The starting price of the open edition is 0.0044 ETH and increases gradually.
  2. The starting price of the 1-of-1 NFT is 4.4444 ETH and decreases gradually until it is sold.
  3. The open edition will be limited and closed prematurely once the 1-of-1 NFT is sold.
  4. Max. 2 Tokens per wallet.

– the 1of1

In addition to the historical level, the work also has a very concrete realpolitic dimension, in that it addresses the dollar as currently(?) the most valuable sign in the world. In the work, however, this sign already becomes a picture, and thus historical, like something like a 1 million Reichsmark note that you hang on the wall in a picture frame today, but which otherwise has no value in the sense of a currency. TRIBUTE TO GUY addresses this development in the context of the currently developing cryptocurrency systems and takes up this epochal change that is happening right before our eyes.