The #LocalNons are network-based permanent installations in the public space. Due to a location check the website is only available to be accessed at a specific position.
The project is a group exhibition and media sculpture at the same time and presents web based works of selected artists with a close affinity to the net. At the moment three localnons have been installed.

localnonsculpture.net | Athens

in cooporation with 11th Athens Digital Arts Festival

together with Banz & Bowinkel, Claudia Mate, Dominik Podsiadly, Eva Papamargariti, Florian Meisenberg, Galleryfist, Isabella Fürnkäs, Lorna Mills, Manuel Rossner, Ole Fach, Olia Lialina, Paul Soulellis, Ronny Szillo, Thomas Artur Spallek, Tobias Rothe, Zsolt Mesterhazy

localnonoffline.de | Cologne

supported by Boutique, Bruch&Dallas and Gold&Beton

together with Sebastian Blank, Laura Brothers, Browser Based Foundation, Jennifer Chan, Florian Egermann, Dorotea Etzler, Manuel Fernandez, Thomas Hawarnke, Katrin Herzner, Yvonne Klasen, Christoph Knoth, Jan Robert Leegte, Peter Luining, Jonas Lund, Lorna Mills, Diane Mueller, Niko Princen, Oliver Salkic, Nicolas Sassoon, Julia Scher, Sebastian Schmieg, Vera Tan Hoveling, Johannes Thies, Sebastian Thewes, Damian Weber, Joonas Westerlund, Joubin Zargarbashi

localnonaccess.de | Berlin

supported by km.temporaer: Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff

together with Sebastian Schmieg, Kim Asendorf, Rick Silva, Johannes P. Osterhoff, eteam, Jan Robert Leegte, Jonas Lund, Niko Princen, Fabian Hesse, Stefan Riebel, Constant Dullaart, Alexander Dekker, Karl Heinz Jeron, Silvio Lorusso, Daniel Schwarz, Timothy Shearer, Thomas Artur Spallek, Ubermorgen.com, Johannes P. Osterhoff, Karen Eliot.

berlinartlink about local.non.access @ KM Temporaer