doneLatest selected Code work for clients

Interfacedesign and


Interfacedesign and development of an individual flat-file CMS for the multimedia e-learning project 'audiolectures' by Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck. On behalf of the Academy of Media Arts in cologne.
PHP/Symfony 2 + Bootstrap

Fils fine arts

Information-architecture and concept for the e-commerce-system together with Christian Boesser.
Development Backend and Frontend together with Vinai Kopp.
Concept for the communication and onlinemarketingstrategy
PHP/Magento + Typo3

Code and development

Continues support and relaunch of Magazin Webpage for RTL Cologne
PHP/Zend Framework + Frontend

Extensiondevelopment, themeadaption and administration for a new multilingual e-commerce-system.
PHP/Magento 1.9.3 + Frontend

Ongoing tech-support; Extensiondevelopment, themeadaption and administration for the e-commerce-system;
Adminstration of Linux-server systems
PHP/Magento 1.9.2 + Frontend, Ubuntu + Debian Linux


Applicationdesign and development of 2 extension-bundles for Magento and Typo3, with the aim to connect the two systems.
In order given by
PHP/Magento 1.9.3 + Typo3/Extbase


Design and implementation of userrights-management-system + Userdataimport-XML-Interface for an order collection and crm application for RHENAG in cologne.
PHP/Symfony 2


The wrong club

Embassy and Pavillon for thewrong biennale together with galery ampersand cologne.

Metamoderne Now and Never

A group show on a hacked wifi router at in Berlin.


A series of monthly events to discuss and present internetculture in RL. A collaboration with Alain Bieber and Thomas Arthur Spallek at NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf.