visibilitybeen part of this

big props to and especialy zsolt mesterhazy for organizing WannaTry (Again)? – Copacabana Edition and WannaTry exhibition, Beau Rivage, Loutraki, Greece

Many thanx to Birgit Jensen for putting my art-rant into her wonderfull projekt 'Flugblätter' last time presented at Kunstverein Leverkusen


Photon Icon at Galerie Falko Alexander
i did an interview with Michael Reisch about the project


INSIDE OUT - my solo at Galerie Falko Alexander

swap_callsInterview on 'digitale Notizen'

Dirk von Gehlen did a short Interview with me about selling the net
please read the interview on his blog digitale Notizen .

visibility'selling the new project' - a metamodern art ritual

presentation as part of the show 'ALL IN/6' together with Arno Beck | Matthias Danberg | Florian Kuhlmann | Anna Nero | Michael Reisch | Roland Schappert at Galerie Falko Alexander

more info about the ritual happening 'selling the new project'

codeNew release netart

only the bots know the truth the bots go deep and see things we can not even think of

codeMicro netart

a distrubing comment minimalistic micro netart for a twitter accelerated internet


The video FREEBEER ENLIGHTMENT is now part of SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum)

visibilityGroupshow HIGH RES LOW BROW

cooperation between Götz Gramlich, Florian Kuhlmann and Timothy Shearer at
Institut für moderne Kunst in Nürnberg.
March and April 2018

visibilitycurated Show online and offline and The Wrong Club at Galery Ampersand in Cologne, Octobre 2017.

visibilitySoloshow THE JOKE

'The joke' was a solo at 'tiefgarage' a project space at Colognes Ebertplatz in July 2017.
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swap_callsVideoportrait and Interview

Videoportrait on
A videoportait with 3 questions and 3 answers as part of Lars Klostermanns ongoing project about Düsseldorf based artists.
german only

shuffleObject, Installation & digital edition

#fakenews sculpture and limited digital edition in combination with a huge text on wall presented at FAR OFF 2017.

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shuffleNetart & Book -

Metamoderne Book, Online and Billboard - a netbased project published via public billboard at Worringer Platz Düsseldorf.
Commissioned by ASPHALT Festival 2017

Netbased artwork Book, Onlinerelease and Billboard

shufflework in progress - my personal botnetwork on twitter

My horde of trolls is an ongoing twitter experiment about bots, trolling and (anti)social behaviour in the privatepublic internetspace. a horde of autonomous troll-bots following my accounts, reacting to my tweets, mostly in a harsh and rude way. insulting me, laughing about me, talking about my tweets, behaving nasty and unkind.

My horde of trolls on github

visibilitycurated Show online and offline

'Metamoderne now and never' - a collaboration between the digital3mpire and the Berlin based

Metamoderne now and never

ghetzufdg836748293 is my conceptual und minimalistic contribution for to celebrate the 100th aniversary of dada

On February 5, 2016 the Link Art Center launched, an online archive and creative platform meant to celebrate the dada legacy in the centenary of dada’s birth, that took place in Zurich on February 5, 1916. For a year, has been a place for uninterrupted experimentation, promoting the creative reuse of digital copies of original dada artworks. On the platform, around 148 artworks have been published so far, and visited around 250,000 times.


The NON engine at compiles any text into a grammatical correct sequence of NONs - including point and comma.

Sourcecode for the NON-Machine on Github


Netbased artwork The Alpha and the Omega Webpage, responsive


Form is a Habit-Forming Drug | 形式是易上瘾的药
Intelligentsia Gallery
Beijing, China

‘Form is a Habit-Forming Drug’, a group exhibition with works by Wu Ding (b. 1982 Shanghai), Russell Beighton (b. 1974 Derbyshire), Christopher Rey Perez (b. 1987 Alamo), Florian Kuhlmann (b. 1977 Bozen), Garcia Frankowski (b. 1983 San Juan & b. 1985 Dundee).


Hypertext | 超文本
The Door Art in collaboration with Intelligentsia Gallery
Beijing, China

a group exhibition with works by Wu Ding, Ma Yongfeng, Florian Kuhlmann, Christopher Rey Perez, Ju Anqi, Yu Bogong, Ren Zhitian, Li Shan, Jeff Miller & Drew Milligan, Li Tingwei, Jason Mena, Camille Ayme, Alessandro Rolandi, The Collective, Yu Ying, Deng Dafei, Yang Yuanyuan, Elsie Yi Shen, Song Xi, William Lee, Aoto Oouchi, OOCH, Russell Beighton, Garcia Frankowski, .


Galerie am Meer
Düsseldorf, Germany


Athens Digital Arts Festival
Athens, Greek


LSDSL - a groupshow together with Timothy Shearer
Gold & Beton
Ebertplatz, Cologne, Germany


A text by Dr. Emmanuel Mir about the LSDSL project in the Gold & Betongalerie at Ebertplatz published at

perm_mediaInstallation & Concept

Ongoing online & offline